The Great Game novel published

Finally, the historical novel The Great Game : The Story of the First Oil War has been published in a paperback format and is available from the following book sellers. A PDF ebook is also available, and in a week, ebooks in Mobi and Epub formats will also be published.

Inspired by true historical events, The Great Game is a gripping narrative of the personal ambitions and geopolitical interests in the fight for oil that played out on the shores of the Caspian Sea. The struggle to control Baku’s oil pitted the richest families of the time against each other – front and center are the Nobels locked in a rivalry with the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. Darkening the plot further were the Communist revolutionaries Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin.

The novel takes us on a journey where Baku is transformed into the world’s oil center by the turn of the 20th century through the technological innovations and business ingenuity of the Nobel family. It offers a glimpse into the life of that period – widening economic inequality, immense personal hardships, family separations, broken promises and hearts.

Based on extensive research, The Great Game offers a captivating account of the rise of oil as the world’s top strategic commodity while simultaneously drawing us into the heart of the personal stories and rivalries of the early oil barons in Baku.

A Profile of Dr. Togrul Bagirov

Dr. Togrul BagirovOver the past several years, Dr. Togrul Bagirov has played a critical role in the restoration of the famous Villa Petrolea to its former glory. Villa Petrolea once served as the Baku home of Emanuel Nobel and his world-known family. Dr. Bagirov has not only been a major player in preserving the brick and mortar physical structure. In fact, his background in international affairs has given him an interest in both the history of the Nobel Prize and in Emanuel Nobel’s personal and very significant history in the oil industry.

Dr. Togrul Bagirov’s contact with the Nobel family also led to a lot more than simply restoring a physical structure, it also led to the creation of the Baku Nobel Heritage Fund, for which he served as chairman for some time. You see, Dr. Togrul Bagirov was actually born in Baku, which serves as the capital of Azerbaijan. He also studied at the prestigious State Institute for International Relations in Moscow. He is still connected to that institution, in fact, he continues to serve as a visiting professor there. Togrul Bagirov has also received medals from several governments, including Russia, Sweden and France, for his contributions to the study of global energy security. He has also been honored for his work on behalf of historic preservation of the Nobel heritage, and he has received plaudits for his work with UNESCO.

Dr. Togrul Bagirov became interested in the Nobel family while living in Baku in the days when Azerbaijan was part of the Soviet Empire. That interest led to study and that is why he has played a key role in restoring Villa Petrolea. Dr. Bagirov also has authored numerous books and written many journal and newspaper articles. He also has served as a regular commentator on the subjects of energy security for many business TV channels worldwide, including the RBC Network.