Another well-known review agency published positive book review of The Great Game

Positive reviews of The Great Game keep flowing in. BlueInk Reviews, a well-known agency specializing in book reviews, published this independent review of the book:

Although the story is set in turbulent times, Bagirov maintains his focus by concentrating on the lives of Emanuel and his father Ludvig. Both are admirable characters, defying the oppressive working standards of the era by setting fair compensation and establishing better conditions for their workers. Emanuel’s ill-fated attraction to his friend’s daughter, Leyla, is realistically drawn and compelling….

With a looming revolution, hired spies that keep Emanuel vigilant and continued rivalry between oil barons, not to mention exciting ground-breaking inventions, the plot maintains its suspense throughout….

In all, The Great Game: Story of the First Oil War is a satisfying work that will please fans of historical novels set in this era.

You can read the full BlueInk review here:

We always knew this is a high-quality book but it’s still nice to receive praise and positive reviews from independent and authoritative book review agencies. The Great Game can be purchased at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and other booksellers, in paperback and e-book formats.